With Strucc Fészek roject we wanted to prove that we provide our best quality services, no matter the size of our partner. We were lucky to be granted a 'free hand' and decided that not only the rebranding of the website and the product line is neccessary, but we implemented a webshop that opened the way to create new sales channels.

During the product design proccess we focused on creating a premium feel. In 2019, we won the Blue award for the RGB Kreatív Design Award (Hungary's biggest package design award) for the ostrich sausage.

Our first project with the Dutch Health Ministry was the branding and web development of the International Horizon Scanning Initiative. This project is really close to our hearth as this was the first tender we won under the Sure brand.

The biggest challenge was the short deadline and the limited availability of our partners. At the end, we managed to finish and deliver every task within just 10 weeks while keeping the predefined meetings and decision points all the way.

Solus Capital wanted to stand out in the Hungarian venture capital market, so the idei was to differentiate themselves with a modern, trendy look while keeping the connection with the existing partner brand, Fintechlab. The website meets the standards of the EU financed project criteria. Other than being informative, the design focuses mostly on the team with the goal of improving the personal SEO of the people.

iMagazin is the leading Apple related newstite in Hungary. Optimal content kft. had been providing the content for the site between 2016 and 2020. Our task in the project was creating a Hungarian content-based international project which was translated to 10 other languages in the region. The project at peak included 19 of our collegaues in 7 different languages.

MKB is one of the leading banks in Hungary which decided in recent years to transform into a digital bank. SURE (Optimal Content) has been providing services in SEO, real-time analytics and reporting and established a good, long-lasting partnership with the bank.